10 Tips of Time Management

1. There Is No Way To save Time
Solution :
Stop concentrating on how to save time. Instead, focus on how to spend time.
- The only way to manage your time better is to spend your time better.

2. Being Busy
Solution :
Spend some time each day thinking about your activities. How much does each of your activities contribute to your objectives? Which activities should be added that you are not presently accomplishing?
- Adequate thought before acting usually leads to much better results

3. Working Smarter Always Beats Working Harder
Solution :
Work Smarter, not Harder. Try finding ways to reduce the number of tasks.
- Make the job easier or quicker and you will probably also make it more efficient

4. Doing It Yourself May Seem Faster and Better in The Short Run, But It Never Faster and Better in The Long Run
Solution :
Recognise that future rewards are closely tied to the performance of your subordinates. Not only are your talents and time limited, but also failing to develop your subordinates is professional suicide. Don’t be fooled by the apparent truth of this assumption in the short run.

5. Filing To Properly Identify The Problem is Perhaps The Greatest Difficulty in Solving It
Solution :
Don’t assume that symptoms are problems. Collect data to understand the exact nature of the problem.
- The solution then become much easier and are more likely to work well.

6. The Ordinary Day-To-Day Activities are The Ones That Most Need To Be Planned If You Want To Control Your Time
Solution :
Identify the patterns involved in your job, then use this information in planning and scheduling every day. Remember to leave room in your schedule for flexibility
7. Efficiency does Not Necessarily Lead To Effectiveness
Solution :
Focus first on effectiveness, then on efficiency. Determine first what you should be doing. Then ask how can it be done most efficiently?
- Do the right things right, in the right instance, right place at the right time

8. Many Managerial Short-Cuts Ultimately Cost Vast Amounts of Time
Solution :
Look over all your activities. Which ones are most important relative to your objectives? Which ones are least important? Look for short cuts in the routine, trivial activities.
- Be sure to make sufficient time available for the really important things.

9. Managing The Time Better Involves Spending The Appropriate Amount Of Time On Every Task
Solution :
Review your objectives and your activities. Keep a time log for a week or two. What areas should take less of your time? Where should you increase your time?
- Develop the proper balance for what you’re trying to accomplish

10.Everyone Has All The Time Available
Solution :
Think about whom you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. Write out all your objectives and prioritize them. Rearrange things so that you spend more of your time on he high priority items.
- You will be amazed at how much time you really do have.

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